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Elva Briggs

Full name

Elva Calkins Briggs

Presence at Shimer



Seminary period alum

Elva Calkins Briggs graduated from Shimer College in 1881, during the Seminary period. She subsequently served as the first assistant principal of public schools in Wyoming, Iowa.[1]

Profiled in[]

  • Shimer College Record 44:4

    Elva Calkins Briggs, the last of the Calkins family in Wyoming, Iowa, died at her daughter's home in Minneaplis on June 28, 1952. Mrs. Briggs was, until her death, the oldest living graduate of the Mt. Carroll Seminary of whom we have record. We believe that this distinction now belongs to Miss Lillian Clemmer of the class of 1882.
    Mrs. Briggs was an active member of her church and of many clubs and societies, among them the Minneapolis Women's club, the Iowa State Historical Society, the Daughters of the American Revolution and was the organizer of the Frances Shimer Alumni Association of the Twin Cities.

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