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Franklin Hildy

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Franklin Joseph Hildy

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Franklin J. Hildy

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Shimer College 1975


Northwestern University 1976


Northwestern University 1980


Mount Carroll period alum

Franklin J. Hildy is a historian of theater and professor at the University of Maryland. He was a member of the class of 1975 at Shimer College, where he attended the Oxford study abroad programin his junior year.

Brief description[]

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Franklin J. Hildy (b. 1953) is a historian of theatre and professor of theatre at the University of Maryland, and a member of the exclusive College of Fellows of the American Theatre. In addition to his numerous articles in the field, Hildy has authored several books on the history of theater, and has coauthored recent editions of History of the Theatre with Oscar Brockett. In 2010, with the help of an NEH grant, he established Theatre Finder, an online database of all theatres worldwide that are more than 100 years old. Hildy received his undergraduate education at Shimer College, where he also took tutorials in dramatic literature at Oxford University via the Oxford study abroad program. He completed his Ph.D. at Northwestern University in 1980. (from Shimer College Wiki)



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Early life and education[]

Academic career[]


  • Shakespeare at the Maddermarket: Nugent Monck and the Norwich Players (1986)
  • New Issues in the Reconstruction of Shakespeare's Theater
  • Coathor with Oscar Brockett: History of the Theatre (recent editions)

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