Hannah Schmaling

Full name

Hannah Leah Nichols Schmaling

Presence on Earth



University of Michigan 1885


Seminary period alum

Hannah Schmaling (b. April 22 1863 in Carroll County), née Hannah L. Nichols, was a student at Shimer College during the Seminary period. She obtained her MD from the University of Michigan in 1885. She began practicing medicine in Fulton, Illinois in 1886,[1] marrying Charles T. Schmaling there in 1897.

In 1909, Schmaling donated the ground and endowment funds for a Carnegie library in Fulton.[2] The library was named the Schmaling Memorial Public Library in her honor in 1974.[2]

Schmaling is mentioned in 1916 as Secretary-Treasurer of the Whiteside County Medical Association. She died in Fulton on July 14, 1917.[1]




  • in "Scattered Family", Oread, August 1891, p. 26:
    Hannah L. Nichols, M. D. was another of the students who contributed to the pleasure of listeners at Re-union. Dr. Nichols was so devoted to her profession she could not remain to share the hospitality of the occasion extended to all old students by Mrs. Shimer in an invitation to tea. Earnest and strong, as in her school days, she gives promise of continued growth as a woman and physician.


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