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Howe Hall, from the quad looking south east -photo 1980 wwj

Howe Hall was a three story dorm, purpose built to the south of Bennett and the east of Science. The ground floor was different than the two upper in that the north wing had a lobby with mail boxes and a small apartment for the resident head.

The first floor had a small laundromat at the west end, a common room with the only televsion on campus in the 60s and the east half being the student grill named after 'Mom' McNeal, after her retirement as grill manager in 1964. The grill was open afternoons and evenings, serving fountain soft drinks, and grilled sandwiches and hamburgers. Most workers were students on work grants, it being considered better than the dining room although not as prestigious as the library, an assistant resident head or a teaching assistant.

The entire south wall was glass and there was an outdoor terrace. The lounge was open to dorm residants day round and when used as a woman's dorm, open to men until the later women's hour. There were constant card games, mostly bridge and poker, but hearts and uchre were also played.

In the basement, the north wing contained the electrical transformers for the main campus and the main campus electrical switch board.

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