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James Colehour

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James Allison Colehour

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Captain James Colehour

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Seminary period alum

James Allison Colehour was a student at Shimer College during the early Seminary period, from approximately 1854 when his family moved from Chester County, Pennsylvania until 1860, when he moved to Philadelphia. In 1862 he enlisted in the Union Army during the Civil War.[1] He later moved to Battle Lake, Minnesota, where he held a variety of local offices, including four terms as mayor.[2]


Profiled in[]

  • 1913 History of Carroll County:
    Two sons, David B. and James A., enlisted in the Union army and the former, who died of heart disease at Nashville, Tenn., in 1863, was brought to Mt. Carroll and buried in Oak Hill cemetery. James A. was with General Sherman on the famous March to the Sea and was mustered out at the end of his term of service, after which he resumed the duties of private life. He now resides at Battle Lake, Ottertail county, Minn.
  • Prospect House & Civil War Museum:
    James grew up on the family farm until April 1854, when his parents moved to Mount Carroll, Carroll County, Illinois. His father died the next year, when James was thirteen years old. He attended the Mount Carroll Seminary School when not working on the family farm. His mother always wanted him to be a minister, although this institution was serving as the public school initially. In 1860, James moved back to Philadelphia, PA to help at his brother Isaac’s store.
  • RootsWeb (Alice Horner)

Further inquiry[]

  • No Allisons in family tree -- middle name possibly related to J.V. Allison?

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