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Kenneth Bernsohn
Kenneth bernsohn 1961.jpg

Full name

00000 Bernsohn

Alternative names

Ken Bernsohn


Mount Carroll period alum

Kenneth Bernsohn was a student at Shimer College in the early Great Books period, listed with the class year of 1964.

Brief description[]

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Ken Bernsohn (b. 1943) is a writer based in British Columbia. He is the author of books on the region's industrial and labor history, including Slabs, Scabs & Skidders and Cutting Up the North, and coauthor of Prince George Backroads with his wife Kathy Bernsohn. He has also published widely as a freelancer, and has worked as a journalist for the Prince George Citizen. Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Bernsohn studied at Shimer College in Illinois, where he enrolled through early entrance to college. (from Shimer College Wiki)



Bernsohn married Kathleen Feeney in Los Angeles, California in 1967.[1][2]

In 1987, Bernsohn received a media fellowship from the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, supporting research he conducted in Indonesia.[3]

Bernsohn has published more than 200 articles as a freelancer, including this one in Organic Gardening about "Producing Your Own Down". He describes himself as an "avid outdoorsman". [4]


  • Prince George Backroads (1976)
  • Slabs, Scabs & Skidders (1981)
  • Cutting Up the North (1978)


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