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Mary Corbett

Full name

Mary Lincoln Hathaway Corbett

Presence at Shimer



Seminary period alum


Savanna, IL
Mount Carroll, IL

Mary Corbett, née Mary L. Hathaway, of Savanna, was a student at Shimer College during the early Seminary period. She is listed in the 1862 catalog among members of the Re-Union Association invited to prepare essays. However, she is listed as having graduated from the Seminary in 1869, suggesting that she attended more than once.[1]

Hathaway Hall was named for her, at the behest of her sister Hattie LaPelley, who donated to the hall's construction.

Shimer connections[]

  • Sister of alumna and Academy trustee Hattie LaPelley


  • in "In the Long Ago", Thomas H. Fraser, chapter 19:
    Col. J. M. Thomson was principal of the [Union High School] at this time, with Miss Mary Hathaway of Savanna and Miss Marsh of Freeport as his assistants in the" Fifth Room." The teachers remembered as presiding over some of the lower departments were Miss Hattie O'Neal, Miss Louise Bartholemew,and Miss Lillian Seymour.
  • in Historical encyclopedia of Illinois and history of Carroll County, 1913, Charles Linnaeus Hostetter ed., vol. 2, p. 806:
    Mr. Hathaway was married to Miranda Ashley, daughter of Noah Ashley and Abigail Pease of Springfield, Mass., August 2. 1826. To this union eight children were born, as follows: isaac Newton Hathaway, who was a prominent lawyer of Chardon, O., was a member of both house and senate of the state legislature and was on several state boards; James Valentine Hathaway, who was a large cattle and sheep dealer in Nevada and one of the "forty niners," who went to California; Edwin Hathaway, who married Flora A. Downs, a daughter of an old settler of Carroll county, lived on the farm in Fairhaven township, where he was justice of the peace for many years, also township school treasurer, and naturally of a bright mind, was said to be the finest mathematician in the county; John, who was a merchant in Sabula, Ia., never married; Louisa M., who was a teacher in Carroll county and prominent in business circles, married Thomas Corbett, after the death of her sister, Mrs. Mary Lincoln Hathaway-Corbett, who was a graduate of the Mount Carroll Seminary, class of 1869: having been prior to her marriage a public school teacher for years, Hathaway Hall of the Academy of Francis Shimer School being named for her by her younger sister, Mrs. Hattie Nevada Le Pelley, who has been for several years one of the board of trustees, of the Francis Shimer School, formerly the Seminary; and Mrs. Le Pelley, who is the sole survivor of this very distinguished family.
  • in "Shimer College History 1853-1930", Rosabel Glass, 1953:
    In 1905 Hathaway Hall, a new dormitory, was dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Mary L. Hathaway Corbett ('69), a sister of Mrs. Hattie N. LaPelley, a former trustee, who gave liberally toward the erection and furnishing of the building.

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