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Mary E. Allison Jenks

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Mary Allison Jenks, née Mary E. Allison of Mount Carroll, graduated from the Mount Carroll Seminary, which later became Shimer College, in 1862, with the degree of Laureate of Arts. She is also listed in the 1862 triennial catalog as a member of the Re-Union Association invited to prepare an essay for the next meeting.

She was the daugher of J.V. Allison, pastor of the First Baptist Church.


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  • in biography of husband William Jenks:
    A few months after his return home from the war Captain Jenks established domestic ties, being united February 1, 1865, with Miss Mary E. Allison, a native of Vincent, Pa., but from early childhood a resident of Mount Carroll, Ill. She was a member of the first graduating class of Mount Carroll Seminary. For years her father, Rev. J. V. Allison, was a minister in the Baptist denomination until his death, which occurred at Pawnee Rock, Kans., at the age of seventy-five years. The deepest bereavement in the lives of Captain and Mrs. Jenks came in the loss of seven of their eight children when they were yet young. The sole survivor, James Wallace Jenks, born in Chicago, Ill., July 23, 1882, followed in the footsteps of his father in giving his services to his country in time of need.


  • Lists of alumnae from the early 20th century show her living in Sacramento, California.

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